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    WE'RE CyberX7

    Consulting For Your Business

    Evaluate existing security measures and policies to determine their effectiveness

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    WE'RE CyberX7

    Focus Road To Success

    Implement a feedback loop for ongoing assessment and improvement of security measures.

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Our Mission,
Values and Motto

We aim to change the industry by providing well-researched data that you can use, rather than a maze of dense statistics. The actionability of the information we supply will give your company a leading edge and clear strategization opportunities. We’re utilizing our world-class skills to construct a next-generation analytics solution, fusing our advanced R&D knowledge and big-data security analytics technologies.

Waqar Nadeem



What we bring to you

Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC)

  1. Compliance Audit (NIST, FedRamp, PCI, HIPPA, GDPR, ISO 27001, SOC 1 / 2, SOX etc).
  2. Risk Assessment (Data Protection Impact Assessment, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Assessment)

Cloud Security

  1. Data Security, DLP, IAM, SIEM
  2. Container Security / Orchestration Security (Docker, Kubernetes etc)
  3. Cloud Ecosystem Security Reviews (AWS, Azure, Google)
  4. Cloud Platform/Infrastructure Technologies (OpenShift, OpenStack etc)

Security Testing

  1. Pen Testing - Web Applications, Wireless, Mobile App, IoT
  2. Application Sec - SAST, DAST, IAST, Threat Modeling

Strategy & Planning (vCISO)


  1. Topics - Phishing / Social Eng, Home Network, Mobile Security, Incident Response, Ransomware