We are CyberX7

Our services provide full-scale, comprehensive information security. We take a holistic approach, ensuring that every aspect of our security measures is synergized and coordinated for optimum efficiency. By having a cohesive force surrounding your information, you can rest easy knowing it’s under the strongest guard. We aim to change the industry by providing well-researched data that you can use, rather than a maze of dense statistics. The actionability of the information we supply will give your company a leading edge and clear strategization opportunities. We’re utilizing our world-class skills to construct a next-generation analytics solution, fusing our advanced R&D knowledge and big-data security analytics technologies.

Our goal is to make all of our servicing beneficial for both you and our team, leaving you happy with such a strong level of security, and us happy that we’ve succeeded in helping a business stay protected while achieving its ultimate goals.


Our goal is to make all of our servicing beneficial

Vic Nadeem SVP Technolgoy
Omar MalikSVP Program Management
Ozzy RehmanSVP Sales and Marketing